Tuesday, October 29, 2013

31 days: October 29

My husband is a logical, predictable soul. Those are traits I love well about him as it balances my more emotional and reactive personality.  I love to be surprised, but he hates surprises.  He likes to know ahead of time how things will be so there are no surprises.  That's why I am always giddy at the prospect of really surprising him.  When it comes time for his birthday or Father's Day, or whatever, he'll tell me what he'd like to have, and I typically get him what he asks for his gift.

His birthday is coming up on the 6th and he's mentioned wanting to get a new iPad Air.  His iPad is three years old, and is now so sluggish that it tends to kick him out anytime he tries to view any site that is graphics heavy.  He was so very thrilled with this first generation iPad and he still uses it daily.  But, the older generation iPads can no longer keep up with the demands on many web sites, and of course, video is really slow to load and play, if it will.  Last night, as we were finishing dinner, I asked him, "So, what do you want for your birthday?"  He sighed and said, "Well, you know I would have loved to have a new iPad, but we can just make our weekend trip we took be my birthday for this year."  He had wanted to get away, and I wanted him to be able to get away for the weekend.  Mentally, he really needed it worse than me.  "OK," I said, "that's fine.  Once we pay everything off (property taxes are due, ad valorem taxes are due, our car insurance is due, plus paying for the glorious weekend we had), we'll look at getting you one sometime next year."

That was the moment I inwardly smiled with a straight, solemn face.  Yay!  I can surprise him!!!  So, you know where I'll be sometime this weekend... at the Apple Store in the mall!  He will be so flabbergasted that I went ahead and got an iPad for him, and I'll get to crow that I surprised him.  Shhhhhh!  Don't worry, he won't read this, and it will be even more fun that all of you are in on it. Weeeee!

Then again, it could turn out like the first iPad purchase... nah... what are the odds?


KGMom said...

Well, I am with you part of the way in this story. Husband being logical--check. Husband not liking surprises--check and double check. Surprising husband anyway--nah, I gave that up a long time back. Not long after we were married, I arranged a surprise birthday party for him. While he was a perfect host, he really did not enjoy the party at all.
So, for nearly 43 years I have lived without surprises. Actually, it saves me brain power--I can concentrate on other things.
Hope it works for you--and please do tell if it does...or doesn't.

altar ego said...

I love these kind of projects that can also be conspiracies, so thanks for letting us in on it. I will live vicariously through you!

The Bug said...

I just went back & read the old story - ha! Can't wait to see how this one goes :)

Dorothy said...

Your hubby is one lucky guy!!! And you are the BEST story teller!

Robin Lamb said...

Jayne, what a great surprise that will be! Hope you can pull it off!