Saturday, October 26, 2013

31 days: October 26

"Love touches something external. When we enter love, we find ourselves caught up in its power.  Love lifts us beyond our quest for survival. Love enables us to transcend our limits. Love frees us to give ourselves away. What human life needs is not a divine rescue.  What we need is rather a life so open, so free, so whole, and so loving that when we experience that life, we are called into the reality of love.  We are opened to the source of love and enter the empowering presence of love. Such a life then becomes our doorway into the infinite and inexhaustible power of love.  I call that love God.  I see it in Jesus of Nazareth, and I find myself called into a new being, a boundary-free humanity, and made whole in its presence.  So God was in Christ, I say.  Jesus thus reveals the source of love, and then he calls us to enter it."   -- John Shelby Spong, A New Christianity for a New World

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I recently finished this remarkable little book, and highlighted many quotes I read so that I could go back to them and digest them further.  This was one that really spoke to me.  The moment I read it in the book, I went back and read it again.  When we choose to act from a place of love, and not of fear, that is God.  

We insist that people believe as we believe to be a part of our group.  We do all we can to protect our survival.  We pass judgment, we exclude people as unworthy. Love frees us to give ourselves away. What would happen if we really could be so open, so free, so whole, and so loving.... might we actually see The Kingdom of God on earth?   


Beth Stoddard said...

I love this quote and I especially love your comments following. So true.

It's so risky to walk away from a "group" that feels safe and secure, because we feel like we belong. Love is scary. Love means taking risks. Love means becoming vulnerable.

I think you are on to something here....

Robin Lamb said...

Jayne, great quote!

The Bug said...

Open and accepting of, and loving everyone? What a concept!