Thursday, March 22, 2007

I and the Bird #45

A Happy 45th Birthday party!

When Mike asked if I might be interested in hosting, I was hesitant. Me? Me with so little formal birding experience? Me who has never been on a real organized birding outing? Me who still has so much trouble with identification of many species? Are you kidding?

But then, I realized that IATB is a wonderful platform which brings together all who love the birds. Regardless of skill level or experience, we learn from one another and share the common bond of joy which birds bring to our lives. Since I would be turning 45 in March, I knew that #45 was the one I was to host.

Each volume of IATB is such a delight to unwrap as I read it. I am transported to other places as I read about other's experiences with birding. I get to soak in information about species I've never seen or heard about. I marvel over breathtaking photos which make me want to do better with my own photography. So thank you for the gifts you so generously offer in your participation. And, by all means, please do consider hosting. This has been a wonderful experience!

Now, let's get this birthday party started! There are so many presents to explore...

Mary's View is one of excitement as she shares her Valentine's Day poetry and a wonderful encounter with crested mystery birds in a parking lot.

Check out the spectacular image of the very wooden looking friends over at Left I on the News!

At The Boreal Songbird Initiative, Dr. Jeff Wells examines the plight of the Barrow's Goldeneye and shares how we all can help in conservation of the Boreal wilderness.

There is fascinating new evidence of the magnetic field birds use to help them migrate discussed over at the Neurophilosophy Blog. Further research has actually identified how this works in homing pigeons.

Lynne over at Hasty Brook shows that it does pay to be in the right place at the right time as she caught a very cool accidental photo.

On Rick's trip to Guatemala, he shares a dark roadside encounter in capturing this very surreal image. Talk about Aimophila Adventures!


Bevson of murmuring trees blog found herself in a circle of life moment as she stepped onto a path and witnessed a Roadrunner trying to get dinner.

Now here's something we don't see everyday... check out these crowned beauties that KeesKennis' lens captured in Tanzania.

Boy, oh boy is it spring in Boise! Rob had quite a hiking day and captured some simply spectacular images along the way.

Craig of Peregrine's Bird Blog had a once in a lifetime experience of a bird banding weekend which was so spectacular, I am sure, as you will be too, that his wife forgave him.

Over at the Ben Cruachan blog, Duncan has a happy report of returning to Owl Creek after a fire and seeing that life does indeed go on.

Matt at SitkaNature meets a Song Sparrow who may have discovered his song sounds even sweeter with nature's help.


I live on Chickadee Drive, so you can only imagine my glee in reading about Gywn's recent magical moments with these sweet birds shared at the Bird brained stories blog!

Tai Haku finds that posture and position can sometimes be deceiving when Snipe hunting at Earth, Wind, and Water.

Over at The Greenbelt, The Ridger shares a wonderful poem about a brave feeder visitor who trusted her kindness enough to return.

It's nice to recall those special people who introduced us to birding, as Roger blogs about his early YOC days.

Check out the spectacular images of a very fortunate Gray Heron Allan Teo shares over at the Bird Ecology Study Group Nature Society (Singapore) blog.

Has all of the excitement been wishful thinking? Here is the latest scientific news regarding the elusive Ivory-Billed Woodpecker over at Living the Scientific Life.


Lizalee at the Egret's Nest found that membership in the ABA not only supports birding, but somehow makes the birds respect you more!

Over at Somewhere in NJ, Laura reminds us that it's no coincidence that birds of a feather flock together.

John at A DC Birding Blog had a fruitful day identifying lots of "LBJ's" and an impressive list of other species around our nation's capital.

Spotting an infrequent visitor (and several of them to boot) in his own backyard provided a thrilling day for Dan over at Migrations.

After a frustrating day chasing glimpses of a golden underbelly, Mike of 10,000 birds finally added another lifer to his long, long list!

James at Coyote Mercury got some beautiful shots of a loud potty mouth.


Check out these awesome images of a Green Jay who was feeling blue captured by Kevin at NaturalVisions.

Trevor recently was able to host some spectacularly beautiful guests at his swimming pool!

Lillian and Don Stokes chronicled a trip to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and saw everything from storks doing yoga to an eagle helping himself to dinner. And, check out the images of the beautiful scrub jay, and the myriad of colorful ducks!

Over at lovely dark and deep, Corey spent spring break in the snow but his trip to the Adirondacks was chocked full of beautiful bird sightings. Who needs Cancun?

Greg Laden sheds fascinating light on proof of seed/animal co-evolution in the Rocky Mountains as new adaptations become obvious over time.

John over at Born Again Bird Watcher shares his neat experience of a visitor to his feeder who knows it's not easy being yellow.

It's time to blow out the candles on the cake. I'll make a wish that we all are blessed with good health, infinite happiness, and more birds than ever to observe and enjoy. Thanks so much for coming to my party. It's been a wonderful 45th birthday!

Be sure to get your submissions ready for IATB #46 which will be published April 5th. Send your entries to Corey of lovely dark and deep (here471 AT yahoo DOT com) by April 3rd.


Corey said...

Wonderful job Jayne! Great theme, enthusiastic introduction...and Happy Birthday!

Trevor said...

Happy Bird-day to you, Happy Bird-day to you, Happy Bird-day dear Jayne. Happy Bird-day to you.

What a fantastic way to present the latest I and the Bird.

Well done.

Lynne said...

Jayne- You did a tremendous job hosting. You're just the best!!

Mike said...

It's your birthday yet here you are giving us such a fine gift! Lovely job, Jayne.

Body Soul Spirit said...

Beautifully done Jayne. A very happy birthday to you and many happy and healthy ones for the future. I will bookmark this to read on the weekend.
I have never read "I and the Bird".

Mary said...

Jayne, there was no need to be nervous. You did a splendid job! Fantastic! I haven't read all of the entries yet but I'll find the time in the next day or two. Thank you so much!

wolf21m said...

Excellent edition. Happy birdy birthday to you! Thanks for all of your hard work!

tai haku said...

Very nice presentation Jayne!

LauraHinNJ said...

You did awesome!

John said...

Good presentation, and happy birdday!

Liza Lee Miller said...

Fantastic! Fun theme!

Amy said...

Happy birthday, Jayne! [throwing virtual confetti] May the year bring you many delightful gifts, and thank you for the delightful carnival.

Duncan said...

And many happy returns of the day from me too Jayne, a beaut presentation.

Roger B. said...

Great stuff! Thanks for including my post.

beth said...

Yay for Jayne - great job! And Happy Birthday!

I love your pic at the end...

Snail said...

Happy birthday! Another great IatB!

Kevin said...

Congratulations on 2 counts! Happy Birthday and thank you for a splendid edition of IATB!

Lillian and Don Stokes said...

Happy Birthday, you did such a great job it is a gift to all of us. Nice to see you in person. Keep on learning about the birds!

MC said...

Thanks Jayne, and happy birthday!

The Ridger, FCD said...

Nice job, but I do wish blogs that are 'by invitation only' wouldn't submit to carnivals!

Larry said...

Happy Birthday-thanks for hosting-I enjoyed seeing some blogs for the first time.

James said...

Nice work!

Jayne said...

Thanks to everyone for coming by and for the nice birthday wishes. This was so much fun, and I am honored to have been your host.

sarala said...

Very nice job. I'd need a week to check out all the links. And happy birthday. I'm pushing 46 this year.